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Frequently asked questions

Sponsor Information

Name: Abel Fabrice Dedo

Location: Abidjan - Côte D'ivoire

Phone : 0022574509701

We process requests for withdrawal from Tuesday to Friday from 3pm to 8pm GMT and Saturdays from 08h GMT.
At any time. But you must have at least 9€ in your balance.
We accept Perfect Money and Payeer.
Click on the "Member Area" menu, in the top right side of the site and then click on "Forgot your password?".
Enter your username and email as well as the verification code and then confirm by clicking on the blue button "Send Password". The system will send you a new password that you will of course be able to change once logged into your account. If you do not remember your username or email, please contact the support.
After registering, you must confirm your email address before you can sign in. If your email address has not been correctly registered, you will obviously not receive a message from the site asking you to confirm your address. Please check your e-mails (and also your spam folder too) and click on the validation link you will see. If you have not received the email validation message, please contact the support.
Yes, you can have as many accounts as you want but with different and valid email addresses.
You can use your earnings available on your balance to buy our products:
-Send an email via the ticket system to customer Service from your Backoffice to indicate the product you wish to purchase.
-The amount will then be debited from your account (including shipping charges) and we will send you a message asking you to confirm your delivery address.
-The shipment of your product will be made within 24h worked after we have had confirmation of your delivery address.
*If you live in Ghana or Nigeria, you have the choice to pick your products with our local partners if you do not want we ship them to you.
Let us know by which Express courier company you wish to receive your parcel and we will take the necessary information, especially on the cost. If the cost is right for you and you agree, we will debit your account for the corresponding amount and make your shipment within the next 24 hours.
Our default delivery option is Postal Service, priority mail (worldwide shipping).
But for Ghana, Nigeria and other countries in Ouest Africa, we deliver products by Bus Stations.
No, the fees are payable by product shipped.
The amount to be debited depends on your country.
Ghana: 3€
Nigeria: 5€
Other countries: 10€
Shipping for Ghana & Nigeria residents are made for our local partners to reduce the delivery time.
For other countries where we have not a partner, shippings are made from Côte d'Ivoire.
Make the request by contacting the customer service of the site from your Backoffice, by opening a ticket. The amount will then be debited from your account (including shipping charges) and an email will be sent asking you to confirm your delivery address. The shipment of your product will be made within 24 working hours after we have confirmed your delivery address.
You can use the site https://prnt.sc to convert your image to a hyperlink that you will then put into the text of your testimonial. When we will put your link in the browser we will see your screenshot.
Yes, of course. You can convert your credit Points to your balance from your account. 100 Points for €1.
You earn points at each stage at the same time you get products and money (from 50 to 150 points), when you sponsor a person (10 points) and even when you post on the site a testimonial/proof of payment deemed relevant and that will have been Validated by the Site Admin (10 points for a simple testimonial and 20 points for a testimonial with proof of payment).

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